3 Ways your Smart Phone is Wrecking your Life

We’re stressed, tired, over worked and under rested. And it could be that the main culprit is in our pocket.


1. Its ruining your social life
2. Its stressing you out
3. Its disrupting your sleep patterns


1. What jumped out at you in this video? Did you agree? Disagree?
2. How many times do you think you look at your phone?
3. Have you ever caught yourself looking at your phone with a loved one present? What was the result?
4. Have you ever had a day away from your phone? What happened?
5. Do you catch yourself in bed while on your phone? Is it tough to get to sleep afterwords?
6. What do you think Chronic Stress looks like for a person? How can we prevent or heal Chronic Stress?


Your Smart Phone is harming you: http://nextshark.com/using-your-smartphone-before-bedtime-is-more-disastrous-than-you-think/

Smart Phone disrupts your sleep: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/127500/20160126/this-is-how-your-tablets-smartphones-can-affect-your-sleep.htm

Scientific American article on Circadian rhythm and sleep disruption from smart phone: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/apple-s-night-shift-mode-how-smartphones-disrupt-sleep/





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