A Definitive Grocery Shopping List (Plus what NOT to eat)

Not everyone cares to think about taking care of their health. But for those who do, it helps to know what’s good to buy and what’s off limits. 

We all have basic ideas of what we think is “goof for you”, but a lot of what we think is wrong. And a lot of the time, what we perceive as “common knowledge” is largely a reflection of cultural bias. What I mean is, ideas sometimes get perpetuated simply because that’s what the status quo prefers.

That doesn’t mean it’s right! Remember: it’s not about what you think, all that matters is what true.

So, to take as much leg work out of the research for you as possible, i’ve put together this definitive list on what to eat and what is off limits. If you think i’ve missed something, leave a comment below and i’ll add it to the correct list!

What to Eat

Anything on this list you can eat. Feel free to load the cart up at the store with all of this stuff and when you go out to eat, avoid dishes that have ingredients not on this list.

Grass Fed BeefGrass Fed Butter or GheeSweet PotatoesLocal Raw Honey
Grass Fed LambOrganic Coconut OilButternut/Spaghetti Squash100% real maple syrup
Chicken and TurkeyMCT OilNon-Starchy VeggiesCitrus Fruits
Wild Caught FishExtra Virgin Olive OilCitrus Fruits (Lemon, Limes)Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries
Quality Protein Powder (SFH or Natural Stacks)Fat from Grass fed AnimalsPineappleStevia Extract (Sweetener)
Farm Raised PorkAlmonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Cashews, Macadamia NutsAlmond FlourXylitol (Sweetener)
High Quality Bacon or SausageCoconut Cream/MilkCoconut Flour
Grass fed or Greek Yogurt Fish OilBlueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries
Pasture Raised EggsPasture Raised Eggs
Wild Animals (Venison, Bison, Elk)Krill oil
Wild BoreAvocado


Other Things to Eat

Here are a few other outliers that you may want to consider. I recommend loading up with these as well. The supplements on here are supplements that everyone should take. For other supplement ideas, check out this other piece I put together

Probiotic FoodsCondimentsSupplements
KimchiPrimal Kitchen MayoVitamin C
SauerkrautPrimal Kitchen DressingQuality Greens Powder
kombuchaMCT Oil and Salt (For salads)B-Vitamins (B12, B5, B3)
Fermented PicklesOlive OilActivated Coconut Charcoal


Eat Sparingly

These things can be good for you, but definitely in moderation. It’s ok to enjoy these here and there, but you can’t build the foundation of your diet on these. And for some, you may have a sensitivity to some of these items (Like Dairy), so take note when you eat them. If you get stomach issues, headaches or anything else after consuming them, don’t eat them again.

AlcoholDairySweet tooth
Non Wheat, No sugar liquor: Potato Vodka, 100% Agave Tequila)Grass Fed CheesesHigher Sugar Fruits
Alcoholic KombuchaRaw Milk (100% grass fed)Higher Carb (non- gluten based grains): Quinoa, Rice
Beers fermented without Gluten productsYogurt (Non sweetened)Coconut Sugar
100% certified Organic Wine
Dry, low sugar White Wine


Avoid at all Costs

These are foods that you should NOT eat. There are no exceptions. If you want to perform your best, avoid diseases and sicknesses then do not eat these. Of course if you don’t care about getting sick, dying early or living a long time, them by all means, eat them as much as you’d like!

Fatty Cuts of NON-GRASS FED beefVegetable Oil, Canola OilWhite or White flour of any kindSoda
Commercial Protein PowderPressed Oils: Flax Oil, Nut OilsCerealJuices
Sugary commercial yogurtPeanutsCorn Flour, Corn StarchCandies (Expect for 85% or greater dark chocolate)
All non pasture raised eggsEveryday grocery store YogurtWheat beers and other alcohols Frozen Yogurt
American "Cheese"Fast Food of any kindSoda, JuicesRefined white sugar or sugar in the raw
Processed Meat: Bologna, Hot Dogs, Commercial lunch meatDairy sources from non Grass fed animals (Cheese, milk)Tortillas, Bagels or any flour based bread not made with Almond/Coconut FlourHoney that is not raw and local
Commercial Chicken, Chicken Wings, Chicken breasts (all low quality chicken)All non Pasture raised eggsWhite PotatoesSyrup that is not 100% Maple Syrup

Again, if I missed something, leave me a comment and i’ll add it. For a little more detail of just how good something is for you, you can refer to the Bulletproof Diet Infographic. It’s very helpful.

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