Ex Nihilo Health

“Ex Nihilo” is latin for ‘from nothing’. It’s the term used to describe how God created the world from nothing. Then he created Adam, humanity’s first human from nothingThat’s where the fun begins. If God created man perfect before the fall of man (the moment sin entered the world), then he created man to perform and function at optimal levels. Adam was running on all cylinders. He was getting the most from his lungs, hands and feet while traveling around. And he was getting the most out of his brain, thinking and acting with clarity. But if sin has corrupted man and the world, then it’s safe to say our bodies and minds are breaking down post-fall of man with exposure to disease, poor quality foods, bad air quality and the like. Things aren’t the way they were before the fall, and things definitely aren’t the way they were created to be.

Ex Nihilo Health is a call back to reclaiming some of what we lost when the fall of man occurred. Man lost a lot of things that day, but one of the things we lost was focus. We stopped the selective ways we ate, worked and and moved and became creatures of the moment. We began eating what was in front of us, easily persuaded by the world’s temptations. We were lured into slothfulness and laziness, being mastered by whatever distractions were in front of us. We even lost our connection with God himself, trailing off into self absorption. All of these examples continue today.

Ex Nihilo is a place dedicated to refocus.

How can I eat to to feel good, look good and perform well?

How can I play hard both outside and in the gym to feel best?

How can I think critically about things so i’m not lured into inefficiency?

How can I start the process of being transformed into the human I was created to be?

It’s time to usher in some of what we lost that day in the garden. It’s time to reimagine what a high performance human ought to look like, and strive to become that. Our hope is that Ex Nihilo can give you the ideas and resources you need to work hard, play hard and love hard on your way towards a better body, mind and spirit.



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