Where is the Line Between Health and Vanity?

(This is a guest post from my wife, Sarah. You can learn more about her at the bottom of the post)


There is a thin line between health and vanity. I personally have struggled with going back and fourth between the two. After finishing my college volleyball career, I realized I had no competitive reason to keep my diet and sleep intact, and so I thought the only reason left to workout was to look a certain way.

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Your Spiritual funk may be caused by your diet

I think some people are under the assumption that our bodies don’t have much to do with our spirituality. The assumption goes, “who cares what you eat and how much you move, as long as you have a great relationship with God you will be fine.”

It sounds very Hallmark-y, but that doesn’t make it true. My fear is many good people will believe this assumption and end up missing out on getting the most out of their lives and their relationship with God.

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