How to get a great workout in 15-20 minutes without leaving where you are

Nothing sucks more than popping out of bed to head outdoors for a workout and see loads of snow (or rain). Boo. It’s a legitimate excuse to be sure. Of course, you can slog it to the gym with all of that recycled air. But if the weather is really bad, there is no reason to think you can’t get any sort of workout in, even if you an’t make it to you local health club.

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Walking: The most incredibly underrated movement for fat loss

I’m my own human guinea pig. I’ve tested several hundred exercise and eating methods on myself just to see what would happen. So naturally when I had back surgery I jumped at the chance to try something low impact for my body but could get me results. But, it turns out there isn’t a whole lot you can do right out of back surgery (go figure). So I decided to max out the one thing I could do:


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