Consistency: Do it daily until you do it forever

There is something about sticking to something for an extended period of time that helps us reach critical mass. Endurance in our habits is one of the best things to invest in.




1.Habits dictate your future
2. It takes 40 days to make something become a habit
3. Experts don’t come until 10,000 hours


  1. What are your initial thoughts of the video?
  2. Have you ever wanted to reach a goal, but never did? What happened? Why did you not reach it?
  3. What things are you hoping to integrate into your routine? How are you hoping to get that done?
  4. What gets in the way of doing something daily? What excuses do you have?
  5. Where are you at in your 10,000 hour journey? How many more hours do you have until your an expert? (assume 1000 hours a year)



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