ENH 001: (Part 1) Mental Toughness, Becoming a Navy Seal and treading water for 7 hours w/ Crossfit coach and former Navy Seal Dan Cerrillo



 Why listen?

Dan Cerrillo has 15 years of naval experience and 13 years of Navy Seal experience… Wait, do you need another reason to listen? Ok, he is the Owner of Crossfit Bellevue, in Bellevue, WA, he is a level 2 Crossfit trainer, he has done Iron man competitions and even completed a Bataan Death march (He talks about this horrible endeavor on part 2 of the show.)

What else does he talk about on the show?

  • He talks about what it’s like to transition from the military into normal civilian life and the struggles that come with it
  • He discusses who the Paleo Diet is right for
  • What it’s like to tread water for 7 hours in the pitch black dark
  • When a hostess fruit pie just might become your best friend
  • And MORE….

Dan Cerrillo Bio:

Dan Cerrillo is a certified U.S. Navy Master Training Specialist having spent over 14-years on active duty of which 13-years were spent within Naval Special Warfare Command’s. He served as both a SEAL Operator and Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL and Special Operations Master Training Specialist Instructor during his military career. Dan deployed numerous times in support of both Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom and conducted over 300 Direct Action Missions.

After leaving the military Dan continued government service until being hired in 2007 by a High Net Worth Family in the Pacific Northwest to help form an Executive Protection Detail for Vulcan Inc. Dan opened CrossFit Bellevue in 2008 with the idea of specializing in Youth Athlete Training and Pre-Special Operations Training. Since starting his Pre-SOF Program Dan has helped over 30 young warriors receive their Ranger, Special Forces Tab and SEAL Tridents. Coach Cerrillo is also a participant in the 2014 Coeur D’ Alene Ironman and 2012 Bataan Death March.

Dan continues to consult for High School and College Football programs all over the United States and High Net Worth Families all over the world on both fitness and security matters. Dan is also the one of the Lead Coaches for SealFit’s Kokoro Camp and 20X Challenge and founder of Turning Steel “The Ultimate SEALFit Adventure”. Dan specializes in teaching his clients and players about the fundamentals of fitness and the physical and mental toughness that goes along with it. Coaching certifications: • CrossFit Level 2 • SealFit Level 2 • CrossFit Kids • CrossFit Gymnastics • CrossFit Mobility / Recovery • CrossFit Nutrition • CrossFit Olympic Lifting

Where to Find Dan:

Turning Steel Program

Crossfit Bellevue

Dan on Twitter




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