How Serious Should we be Taking Gluttony?

We see it and hear about it everywhere, yet it doesn’t seem like many people care to address Gluttony. How serious should we take it and what should we do about it?

In church, you can’t get away with a lot of missteps, mainly for good reasons. There is accountability for sin for the most part. Everything from verbal abuse to addiction to affairs are addressed in an individuals life.

There is one major sin that is almost never addressed even when the individual is in a ministry role: Gluttony.

Despite it being explicitly addressed as sin in scripture, we don’t take it seriously in our churches and in our families. However, its dangers are well noted.

Here are a few reasons why we need to take Gluttony more serious:

1- Physically, our bodies are breaking down due to excessive consumption of food, in quality and quantity.

2- We are unknowingly letting culture define our eating, instead of God

3- Gluttony is Idolatry

4- Self-Forgetfulness and Self-Neglect are different things


– What are your thoughts of this video? Agree? Disagree?
– Do you believe Gluttony is a serious issue in our churches?
– Do you think Gluttony needs to be addressed for those in Ministry? why? Why Not?
– How can we help those with Gluttony (food addiction) issues?
– Do you think you need to be overweight to be a glutton? Why? Why not?
– Why isn’t this a bigger issue in Ministry? Does it need to be?
– What is one action step we can take to better steward our bodies this week?



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