How to Worship God with your Meals

If you are a Christian, worship is important. So why not learn to how worship in all circumstances, including while eating?



We live in a fast paced society that is all about production. We work longer hours and produce more than we ever have and the speed is only getting faster. When it comes to our meals, they lose priority. Convenience trumps quality and quantity of the food. We’ll slurp down a frappacino on the way to work, eat a quick salad at our work desk and eat take out in front of the TV for dinner.

We were created as beings of worship. We were designed to worship God for everything and our pace of life or the distractions we have before us have diluted our necessity to worship with our meals.

So, let me give you four ways we can begin to worship God with our Meals.

1- Build a connection to where your food comes from
2- Cook
3- Savor the flavor
4- Never eat alone


1. What are your initial thoughts of this video? Agree? Disagree?
2. Have you ever considered that eating could be a form of worship?
3. What can you change in your meal time for your meals to become more worshipful?
4. How often do you eat alone in a week? Are there some steps you can take to change that?
5. Name one person you can cook a meal for this week and savor the taste with.



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