Meditation: The Secret Weapon to Destroying Stress

Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Stress are the western diseases that haunt us here in America. Not only that, they are perceived as widely acceptable to have.


Many of us are walking around with them, thinking they are normal. We hop out of bed in a state of stress, get dressed fast, slurp down some coffee and we are out the door. In the car, we listen to talk radio, text while driving and finish of that coffee. At work we are going at break neck pace.

When we get home we greet our families, maybe get a quick workout and, after dinner, we’re back in front of the TV screen for more technology consumption.

Our brains can handle a lot, but they are often over loaded. They begin to produce less and less focus and more and more stress and anxiety. What’s worse, we don’t sleep enough at night which contributes to our troubles.

What we often need is a reprieve from the information consumption. We need to settle down and enjoy silence, so that our brains can focus, recharge and relax. Meditation can help us do this. If we can learn the morning routine habit of mediation we can drastically alter the way our brain feels and how it reacts to every day stressors.


– What are your initial thoughts on this video?
– What’s your morning routine like? Is it calm? Do you rush out the door?
– Do you have time away from a technology screen during the day? What’s it like?
– Do you find yourself constantly consuming information? Video Games? News? Facebook? Talk Radio etc.?
– How can you set boundaries to make sure you have 10-20 minutes in the morning for some form of mediation?
– How can you work mediation into your schedule?


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