Why you should add Bulletproof Coffee to your morning Bible reading


It’s time to dial in your morning routine. Successful entrepreneurs all have morning routines. Elite athletes have morning routines. Even some of the best writers and artists have quality morning routines. So how is yours going?

Probably not great.

Most people don’t have excellent routines in the morning despite that first hour of the day being that power hour. It is the most effective moment of the day for focus, energy and performance. It’s also the hour of the day we have the most focus. Yet most of us spend that hour rolling out of bed late, scrambling around and getting out the door. No wonder we are so stressed!

As a believer, I’ve made this time my time to be in my bible. I wake up and give these most focused moments to study, meditation and prayer and yeah, it works, but there is one MAJOR way to kick this study time into serious over drive.

Enter Bulletproof coffee. Have you ever seen the movie Limitless? Where Bradley Cooper gets to use 100% more of his brain with this pill? It’s like that. Well, not quite, but the brain boosting effects are incredible. That’s why i’ve decided to combine the coffee with my morning bible reading to enhance it and get 100X more out of it. Here are a few major reasons why this will work so effectively, you’ll never be without BP coffee during study again.

1. The saturated fat content and MCT Oil in BP coffee will allow sustained energy throughout the morning and into the afternoon

Most of america starts there day off with instant oatmeal, a Jamba Juice or a bagel, then they top off with a Starbucks latte or something like that. So they are buzzing from the glucose pumping through their veins. If you don’t already know, glucose is a fuel source your body and brain use for energy. Unfortunately, among a myriad of other negative effects, glucose as energy quickly runs out, which explains hunger pains at 11am after eating breakfast at 8am.

With BP coffee, the MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) Oil and provides your brain with an alternate fuel source: Ketones. Your brain loves ketones and can sustain energy off of them a lot longer. Not only will your brain have sustained energy, it will ‘turn on’ and you will be able to think and process information much more clearly. Have you ever had trouble focusing on the pages in the bible in the morning? That goes away with BP coffee, as your brain is kicked into prime study mode.

No more sugar crashes or mood swings in the middle of study or prayer. You are free to focus and draw your mind to what’s really important, and not how tired you feel after the bad coffee or bowl of instant oats.

2. Think clearly and more deeply

High quality coffee free of mold toxins is a wonderful thing. It’s jammed full of caffeine and brightens your day. Bad coffee can make you sluggish and even have the opposite effect of what you were hoping for. BP coffee calls for a one source, mold free coffee bean that’s ground fresh. Without mold wreaking havoc on your brain and body, you are able to gain the full effects of the coffee itself, let along all of the ingredients we add to it. Your brain is able to dive to it’s depths with great energy and focus, something i’m sure many have never even experienced. In fact, if you add regular, store bought milk/cream and cane sugar into your coffee before bible reading, i’m positive you’ve NEVER been truly optimal reading your bible.

3. Eliminate barriers to prayer that we thought were just normal

We think things like brain fog, fatigue and loss of focus are normal, but they can easily be prevented. We’ve all been there, in the middle of a prayer and loss of focus hits us. We can’t find the word we were looking for or we lose concentration all together. We might think to ourselves: “I should’ve slept more last night”, or more humorously, “the devil is blocking me from praying”. That last one is true, especially if you consider sugar the devil! Gluten intolerances, diary intolerances and blood glucose levels are all playing their part to distract you from prayer. Grains have been known to cause brain fog, fatigue, irritability, mood swings, sluggishness and a million other conditions. I’m sure people will say, “i’ve been having low fat milk and sugar in my coffee for years and i’m fine”. The goal isn’t to simply survive, the goal is to thrive! I want you to do more than maintaining a beating heart and working lungs. Give your best self to God and see what treasures might reveal themselves.

Extra tip: Try some all-natural, herb based Nootropics along with your coffee for increased results

My naturopath doctor revealed these to me a while back, and I haven’t had a morning without them since. Things like Aniracetam or Dopamine work really well. I used an herb based mild one called Ciltep. Check out the site and you’ll see it’s completely safe and very effective. Your brain will thank you.

At the end of the day, it’s all about stewardship. These tips will allow you to better steward your mind and your total body health.

Extra tip #2: How do I make bulletproof coffee?

Good question. There many different methods, but I’d recommend learning first from the Bulletproof Exec himself, Dave Asprey, before trying other variations. Here is a quick walkthrough:


Update: Dave Asprey Thinks this is pretty cool:


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.21.33 PM



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